"I have made this letter longer than usual, only because I have not had time to make it shorter."

- 17th-century French philosopher and mathematician, Blaise Pascal (1623-62)

Successful communication hinges upon connecting with your audience in simple, clear terms.  Writing for groups as diverse as the public, media, investors, government and employees, shares the common necessity of putting yourself in the shoes of the people you’re trying to reach and investing the time to refine what you’re saying so it can be understood by anyone.

Room 40 can help you get your story across.  From helping organizations craft compelling corporate messaging to fundraising and grant proposals, Room 40 helps its clients get real results.

Room 40 writing expertise:

Stakeholder Communications

Proposals and Grant Applications

Financial Communications

Case Studies

McDonald's Canada: Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Posted on: 2010-09-15
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When McDonald’s Canada needed a new approach to its corporate social responsibility report, it turned to Room 40 Communications.

Take a peek for yourself at: Room_40_Case_Study_-_McDonalds_CSR.pdf

Morguard Investments

Posted on: 2011-02-15
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Morguard Investments, one of Canada's largest integrated real estate companies, turned to Room 40 Communications for expert help communicating to the international real estate investment community.

Take a peek for yourself at: Room_40_Case_Study_-_Morguard_Investments.pdf