Every organization is faced with managing communications issues every day. Most are good news, but some aren’t. Telling employees about successes, spreading the word about a great new product, or using the media to tell your audiences about your organization are all situations where having a seasoned communications voice can help you succeed in getting your message across.

But there’s also times when issues threaten to harm your organization or its reputation with important stakeholders like customers, suppliers, employees, investors or the public. Room 40 has a special expertise in helping organizations safely navigate these troubled waters and helps them use every communications avenue, including the latest social media tools to ensure their voice gets heard.

Whatever your situation, Room 40 has the experience and expertise to help with your communications needs.

Media Relations

The way you’re portrayed in the media has a profound impact on your organization’s reputation. We help our clients develop sound media relations strategies, tailored to their specific circumstances and objectives in good times and bad.

Whether you’re trying to generate proactive media coverage to increase the profile of a person, company or product, or you’re faced with reporters calling about a contentious issue, Room 40 can help.


Issue & Crisis Management

Issues left unmanaged can grow into crises. Room 40 has particular expertise in helping clients manage issue and crisis situations. We have successfully counselled clients facing bankruptcy, labour disruptions, protests, mergers & acquisitions, executive changes, lawsuits and more.

Case Studies

Adoption Council of Ontario - Media Relations

Posted on: 2011-02-25
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Room 40 Communications worked with the Adoption Council of Ontario to raise awareness about the need for reform of the adoption system in Ontario. Significant media coverage was earned including editorial endorsements from the Globe and Mail and the Adoption Council of Ontario's news landed on the front page of the Toronto Star.

Take a peek for yourself at: /Room_40_Case_Study_-_ACO.pdf